Our Value

Our values are based on our love towards humanity, culture and world heritage. We love and respect people. Our desire to connect with humanity is what drives us to do what we do. We are galvanized by the nuances still present between cultures today and want to hold into them. We value the differences and the individuality. This attitude also marks our will to work with people, not for people.

We believe that all people have amazing skills – and you just have to show people how valuable they are – and how they can use them. We are driven to share the possibilities of this world with people who are out of sight due to geography, governance or other reasons. In return, we bring the enchantment of their culture to the international community through their stories. By slowing things down just a little bit we hope to inspire the world to take the time to savour beauty. We hope this attitude and our values contributes to a growing collective will for a more connected world.
I also got an opportunity to work on exciting subject matter dissertationowl outside the realm of the basic computer science curriculum.